Thursday, 2 January 2014

Little birdhouse in my soul

Well 2014 is upon us and I am endevouring to keep more on top of my blog posts this year.
Above is a picture of a wooden block I created towards the end of last year with Lesley Crawford using a wooden block (15cmx10cm).
I first primed the wood with gesso and then decorated the base layer using a pale blue acrylic paint and honeycomb, stars and punchenella stencils with white, teal and cerise acrylic paint, rubber stamped some text in black archival and blue archival arrows.  Remembering to do the sides and the reverse of the block.
This was then overlayed with the image of the birdhouses and birds taken from a napkin and the areas required cut out of the napkin and additional layers of tissue removed.  I then used Mod Podge in the areas I wanted to stick the napkin and then applied a further layer over the top to assist in getting rid of any air bubbles and to seal it to the block.

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