Friday, 18 January 2013

Colours of Nature

Many of you may recognise the background above as one similarly used on an art canvas started earlier last week.  It is in fact a further collage of the remaining papers however, they were colourised this time using Dylusion Inks in Yellow's, Orange, Red and Green which has brought out an extremely vibrant and somewhat tropical background not quite established in the paleness of the photograph above.

I was recently looking through the latest 50th Celebratory copy of BBC Wildlife and saw a couple of striking images from nature photographers that  caught my eye and made me realise that the colouring of the background was not only tropical but found in nature, almost autumnal.

Initially I was going to use Image Transfer to add them to the page, but in my eagerness to proceed I ended up gluing them using Mod Podge, you will see that there are in fact several ripples in the images.  Before you ask this is not bad method in the glue application but intentional to add a textural element to these images I added to the page.

The first image above is of an Orangutan, one of the animals I would most like to see in their real habitat of Borneo.  There name translated from Malay means Humans of the Forest.  A grand name for a beautiful creature.  They are also linked to us in the fact that they have opposible thumbs and big toes too.

The expression of the Orangutan is not only gentle but makes me feel extremely serene.

I placed him on the bottom left hand side of this double paged spread.

This image is of an amazing bird, with all the plummage both associated with the tropical and natural theme of this journal page.  Unfortunately I cannot recall the name of the bird but I think you will agree it is extremely regal and probably male as to attract females they always seem to have the best plummage.

Birds are such free creatures.  Graceful and elegant, I wonder alot what it would be like to have such grace and the freedom to spread your wings and explore without delay or explanation.

Anyway, more on this page to follow, in the meantime take care and be free.

Em xx 



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  1. Loving your mixed media experimentation.....I wouldn't know where to start!! Thanks for vising my blog and leaving a message :)
    Em x


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