Monday, 14 January 2013

Winter is Coming

The title you may feel for this journal double page A4 spread is an obvious one however, the whole idea of this page actually stemmed from the title "Winter is Coming" from the George R. R. Martin books Game of Thrones which I am in awe off and slowly working my way through, before the next tv series is released.

I began the page with a sprayed Dyelusion background which I left to dry for a few minutes before blotting off the excess on to a spare piece of paper to be used later.

I then used some of my stash of stencils to create the next layer using both the positive and negative images (again with Dyelusion sprays).

The focal images of the owls (top right) and robins (bottom left), which to me epitamise winter, were taken from Napkins (purchased at, I seperated the layers to leave just the printed first layer and tore around the images I required for adhering to the page using Mod Podge Paper and sealing it after the napkin had adhered to the surface.

The opposing corners were decorated with a christmas napkin seperated to the printed first layer and shaped to accent the top left and bottom right corners.  This was applied to the page using Mod Podge Paper (from to adhere it to the page.  This gave the birds a setting or grounding but I wanted to add a bit of texture so when sealing the corners I sprinkled some vintage mica flakes in to the glue before drying and before sealing the corners with Mod Podge Paper.

I then wished to add a tad more texture, I did this by using a blue metallic ink pad and some bubble packaging and also some red circles stamped with archival ink using a section of a polystyrene packaging sausage.

Finally to complete the page the title - this was created by using white word stickers again from which I then tied in to the page by outlining them in a blue Faber Castell Pitt Pen.

I hope you like the completed effect as much as I do.

Feel free to leave any comments or feedback.

Emma xx

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